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Making of the Tetra Pak recycling campaign identity package

Overview   Process  

Carrying bags with cartons.

pr 1

First meeting with the clients to discuss the sign.

tetrapak con sch p 3

Drafting the text poster.

pr text

Drawing pictures for it.

pr 2
pr 3

What kids do to the cartons (not included in the final design).

pr 4

A boy and the monster.

pr 10

First version of the poster.

pe 1

Using our typeface called Klinkopis.

pr 5

Cyrillic hand lettering.

pr text painting

“OK, we surrender.”

pr 6

Picking colors.

pr 7
pr 8

Making the instruction images.

tetranons 01 photos 1

First version with Art Director’s critical comments regarding the hand anatomy.

tetranons 02 ludwigcomments 1

More ideas.

pr 13
pr 14
pr 16

Finding the right place for the instructions.

pr 9
pr 11
pr 15


pr last

Order a design...