Tinkoff Bank ATM

Task: to develop a modern high-tech ATM.

Tinkoff is an online ecosystem offering financial and lifestyle services. Tinkoff Bank has abandoned the idea of having physical branches in favor of remote services. That made ATMs the primary point of contact between the bank and its clients.

The design for a very convenient and high-tech ATM was created at the studio: all its appearance speaks to the cutting edge character of the company.

tinkoff atm size

The main feature of the new ATM is the visual separation between the interface area and the body that contains and electronics and the safe, which was also made as compact as possible.

The ATM has two displays. The large 32-inch one is designed to show advertising clips and additional information while the smaller one is used for navigating the service menu and confirming operations.

tinkoff atm man

The interface panel and the money receiver were moved closer to the user making the structure appear lighter and increasing foot area. This also makes the machine more convenient for people with disabilities: wheelchair users have to turn sideways to use regular ATMs.

LED illumination puts additional emphasis on the high-tech nature of the ATM and makes it more noticeable. The machine is comfortable to use even in poorly lit spaces such as cinema halls and car parks.

tinkoff atm final2

artistic director

art director

industrial designers


Made in 47 days
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