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Task: to tell a clear story about the state of charity in Russia.
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Need Help is a charitable foundation that helps other foundations. The organization supports public and socially significant initiatives in Russia and attempts to make charity in our country systematic. One of the foundation’s new projects is the To Be Precise analytical website.

Analyzing problems in the regions

The foundation’s research arm collects information about problems in Russia and reveals the most neglected areas. The data is used by journalists and company employees involved in social projects.

Each of the country’s regions has its own index of well-being that shows whether different social problems have been resolved.

Two ways to display data

Extensive statistics have been collected on all problems. Organizations can easily find information about their area of interest.

Those who are just getting ready to start a non-profit can see the whole picture (for example, there are plenty of organizations helping cancer patients but not enough support for orphaned children) and decide on the area they should target.

Analytics on the scale of the problem is extremely clear.

Useful resources and materials

The website contains a huge amount of materials from various sources that help organizers, non-profit organization employees, researchers and journalists. Legal advice, valuable experience of other charitable organizations and research. All materials have been selected and curated by the project team and cards have been created for each type of content.

Additionally, the website offers a separate service that allows to compare your non-profit’s data with others and evaluate the effectiveness of your foundation.

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