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StroimProsto identity

StroimProsto is an information resource for members of the construction industry which provides up-to-date information on the specifics of project development in Moscow and helps keep a finger on the pulse.

We created an identity that unambiguously declares that construction is really simple.

At the core of the style is a geometric frame. Depending on the medium, it changes slightly, flexibly adjusting to the text block.

stroim prosto 1 1 stroim prosto 1 2 stroim prosto 1 3
stroim prosto audience

The endless variety of elementary pieces and minimalist understated palette are the very epitome of metropolitan construction, modern and accessible.

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art directro


motion designer

  • The studio wishes to thank the team of Mosstroyinform, namely Yulia Kulikova, Marina Antosenko, Anna Degtereva, Nadezhda Stolnikova, Maria Grebennikova, Anastasia Kazakova, Natalia Orekhova and Marina Bazyleva, for their help with the project
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