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to develop websites for six shopping centers.

TPS Real Estate builds large shopping and entertainment centers in Russia and beyond and manages the objects once they are completed. Websites for the company’s six shopping centers where visitors can learn about current sales, follow the latest news, view floor maps and submit tenancy applications were created at the studio.

Shared style

All websites are designed according to the same principles and shared style. At the same time, each website has its own features matching the appearance of each shopping center.

Main pages of the websites of Ocean PlazaOceania and Khorosho!


To make sure website pages maintain their appearance after they are filled with advertising materials, a neural network based banner construction system was created specifically for the project. After the website’s administrator enters the required text, the system automatically selects appropriate images and categories for banners based on keywords. For example, if the text has dates, the banner will be classified as an event; if it mentions lower prices, it will sorted into the Sales category. If the category was not determined properly, it can be changed manually.



Product and services pictograms were created for use in banner design. In special cases, a banner can have more than one pictogram. For example, if there is a sale in a fashion outlet, the card will show two icons, one for sale, the other representing apparel.

tps trc icons

The system chooses background gradients for banners helping maintain the overall design of the page. This ensures ads for various stores do not conflict with each other and the website’s appearance does not deteriorate with time.

Gallery Novosibirsk
Gallery Krasnodar

Shopping center maps

Interactive maps help visitors find stores which can be easily located using the search bar or by selecting a category from the menu.

Website navigation

The main navigation element is the side menu accessible from any page.

Account page

Administrators and tenants of shopping centers can use their account pages to keep records of financial operations, order employee passes, assemble photo galleries and keep track of deliveries.

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