Oceania advertising posters

Task: to design advertising banners.

Oceania is a large shopping and entertainment center with over 300 stores, Russia’s only laser movie theater and a huge 25-meter aquarium!

Advertising banners draw attention to new collections and sales.

oceania board 01

The design of the banners reflects the name of the shopping center. Corals create an impression of the underwater world and supplement the logo which is designed as the letter O made of corals.

Colors divide banners into two distinct parts (and look like a sea and a shore).

oceania city

The banners can be adapted for any advertising campaign with their bright design helping Oceania stand out among the competition. The coral color is pleasant as is, plus it is Pantone Color of the Year 2019.

oceania board 02
Anything looks great with corals as a background

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project manager

Made in 108 days
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