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    to come up with placeholders for empty stores

    Some of the stores in Oceania and Khorosho! shopping centers have not found their tenants yet. To make sure vacant spaces don’t look cold and desolate, a series of unusual installations for empty storefronts was developed at the studio.

    tps_banners shop

    The bright color splash hints that the perfectly white room can easily become a clothes store

    At the center of the installations are expressive compositions with mannequins. The unusual stories look great among other stores and attract the attention of shoppers.

    Matte glass, mystical lighting and streaming fabric blown by fans submerge the mannequins into the underwater world of Oceania

    Blinds with a print create an impressive effect: visitors approaching from the left see a different image than those approaching from the right. The composition in the storefront ties the two images together.

    Balloons combined with elements of TPS corporate identity turn the opening of a shopping center into a bright and happy holiday.

    tps_banners baloons1

    Mirrored rear wall of the storefront allows to use half as many balloons

    Fake storefronts are also needed during store renovations. The custom developed techniques allow to create placeholders easily and cheaply.

    tps_banners reconstruction

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Sergey Kulinkovich


    • Oleg Stukalov

    design intern

    • Maria Pakula


    • Igor Fatkin

    secret advisor

    • Vasily Dubovoy

    project manager

    • Alexey Igoshin
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