TPS Real Estate shopping center storefronts

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to come up with design for vacant stores.

Two new large shopping centers, Oceania and Khorosho! opened in Moscow. To ensure an exciting appearance of all vacant stores, graphic design for their placeholders was developed at the studio.

tpsre showcase 01

Illustrations are combined with specially chosen photographs. Colors, patterns and photos play an active role in the zoning of the shopping center. The variety of objects makes signature patterns interesting to explore.

tps_banners illustration 1 left
tps_banners illustration 2 right
tpsre showcase 04

The seamless sea pattern looks equally great on narrow storefronts and long surfaces. High level of detail and well-thought-out layout conceal repeating elements.

tpsre showcase pattern

Inspirational banners with directions and recommendations of things to buy and places to visit were created to make sure customers don’t get bored walking among vacant stores.

tpsre showcase 02
tpsre showcase 03

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