Tverskaya X New Year façade

Task: to design a pseudo-façade.

Tverskaya X is a luxurious house in the heart of Moscow that will open its doors in 2024. It is located in a beautiful building whose façade has historical and architectural value. The house will contain not only hotel rooms but also deluxe apartments. The project is developed by Lux Properties.

After the restoration, the building will retain its unique appearance but will be extended. A spectacular pseudo-façade developed at the studio will cover up the house during construction and give Moscow residents a holiday mood.

New Year is all about summing up the past and expecting the future, mysterious, bright and new.

The intersection of the past and the present is demonstrated by the volumetric fir tree at the corner of the house and the two dates: 2020 and 2024.

tverskaya x photo

The façade wishes the best for both the new year 2020 and the future year 2024, the year when the building will be unveiled.

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Made in 27 days
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