Go!poedim micromarket logo and naming

Task: to create a logo and a name for a micromarket chain.

Go!poedim micromarkets are the oases of tasty treats, relaxation and fun in the office space. The guys from Venda Group install snack shelves, coffee machines, microwaves and large refrigerators that they replenish daily with prepacked ready-made meals, fruit, chocolate bars and other edible goodies. Office employees choose what they would like to eat and pay for it using a terminal. It’s a new generation of snacking!

go poedim logo

In most cases the logo is used without the text.

go poedim small
go poedim colors

The idea for the logo and the name was borrowed directly from work chats.

go poedim sticker go poedim card go poedim man

The bright memorable logo begs to be shared, recreated in various shapes and materials and changed depending on the mood and circumstances.

go poedim food

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Made in 35 days
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