Go!poedim terminal interface

Task: to design an interface for food terminals and support the concept of "relaxation islands."

Go!poedim installs micromarkets with food in offices. The micromarkets sell ready breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as snacks. Purchases are made using a special terminal with an incredibly user-friendly interface.

go poedim interface_

Micromarkets should be islands of deliciousness and relaxation in office spaces, which is why their interface is simple, bright and beautiful. It is completely different from interfaces of office equipment, this is required to make sure that people see every trip to a micromarket as a mini holiday.

go poedim interface 01

The logo really comes to life in the interface. It changes its shape, moves and adapts to various icons.

go poedim interface 02

Traditional photos of food on plates were replaced by pictures with zoom effect. It is an unexpected technique that makes food look both appetizing and highly artistic.

Photos with famous brands are especially interesting: a tiny fragment is enough for people to recognize the product and want to buy it.

go poedim interface products 01
go poedim interface products 02
go poedim interface products 03
go poedim interface products 04
go poedim interface products 05
go poedim interface products 06

The easy to use terminals are placed next to the easy to use micromarkets also designed at the studio.

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project manager

Made in 22 days
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