Identity Interface Micromarkets

Go!poedim micromarkets

Task: to design micromarkets that would fit any interior.

Go!poedim micromarkets are designed to replace shops, cafés and office kitchens. They are installed in offices and assembled from different modules including snack racks, coffee machines, microwave ovens and large refrigerators with ready meals.

The design of the micromarkets is neutral but very nice. They are made of wood and easily fit into any interior.

Some micromarkets have pillow benches, tables or even swings, making them a really awesome place to relax.

The micromarkets look great in any environment.

This is what they look like in a real office.

go poedim micromarkets life_

If you want to take a break and have a bite to eat, all you need to do is go to the next room, choose something tasty and chill. It’s like leaving the office without leaving the office.

There are three colors to choose from: black, white and natural wood. Food appears particularly delicious against that background.

go poedim micromarkets bottles_
go poedim micromarkets sweet_

The interface that was also developed at the studio deserves special attention.

go poedim micromarkets final_

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Made in 171 days
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