Veterritoria veterinary clinic logo

Task: to create a name and identity.

Veterritoria is a veterinary clinic where staff uses innovative methods to treat cats, dogs and even goats and plans to donate part of the profits to their own animal shelter.

We decided that the clinic is so great it’s more than just a hospital, it’s an entire country of animal care! The flag logo explains that Veterritoria is the country where animals get help.

veterritoriya bb

Thanks to the special lettering, the text part of the logo assembles into a square (and is also very beautiful as a regular text).

veterritoriya types
veterritoriya bb 12

The flag logo adapts to any format.

veterritoriya bb 40n

Every patient is issued a pet passport.

veterritoriya passport 01

The identity includes a cute animal-themed pattern with not just animal faces but also flags!

veterritoriya pattern

Elements of the identity can be used separately and all together.

veterritoriya aves

The pattern can take various shapes such as a medical cross.

veterritoriya bb 48

And looks great on any media.

veterritoriya pillow
veterritoriya bb 58

Beauty in animal care.

veterritoriya cat

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type designer


Made in 104 days
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