Driver inspection device design for ICL Techno

ICL Techno develops servers, data storage systems, interactive panels, information screens and other industry solutions for healthcare and educational organizations, law enforcement agencies, industrial and commercial enterprises.

On September 1, 2023, a law has come into force allowing medical pre-trip examinations of public and freight transport drivers to be conducted remotely. For this purpose, the company has devised a special device—and we have designed it.

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The compact device is installed, for example, in a depot, and allows to easily and quickly determine the person’s readiness for work and immediately transmit all data in electronic form to supervisory authorities.

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The internals are cleverly composed, which frees up space for a stylish pocket for storing a blood pressure cuff.

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The device is controlled by a smartphone or tablet, which is why there is a stand on the body that fits most modern gadgets.

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If the rubber feet are not enough, there is an option to fix the device in place using mounting holes. In addition, anti-vandal telephone mounting is provided.

The ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail. For instance, the location of the blood pressure meter on/off button, fingerprint scanner and the NFC tag reader make the work simple and clear. At the same time, the camera, thermometer and breathalyzer meet the anthropometric standard, taking into account the build of the average user.

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