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Volleyball Federation of Russia competition logo and identity

Task: to design logos and identity for Russian volleyball competitions.

The Volleyball Federation of Russia promotes and popularizes volleyball in Russia and organizes a tremendous number of competitions. Each type of competition now has its own logo!

Basic identity elements

The main logo of the federation was developed at our studio in 2014, it shows a volleyball net and a ball. Triangles symbolizing the net became the main element of the new identity.

Competitions are held in three volleyball disciplines: classic, beach and snow. Each game now has its own recognizable color that is used in all promotional materials and in the design of venues.

The signature background is striking and memorable.

Classic volleyball, beach volleyball and snow volleyball


To support all branded elements, a new typeface was developed, elastic and resonant, like the sound of a ball being hit.

girl whitshirt red blue_ vfv2 girl tags__

Printed materials

In layouts, the volleyball net becomes a modular grid.

The identity has a block structure with all elements perfectly matching each other. Rules and various subtleties of its use are given in the brandbook.

09 volley billboard

A new type of posters with athletes confronting each other was developed specially for the Super Cup and significant games.

10 volley city

Clearly typeset programs are printed for each game.

11 volley programmka

Competition design

Competition media is designed according to the same principles at all volleyball games.

vfv2 plocshadka klassika 01 vfv2 beach ploschadka 02 vfv2 snow ploschadka 03

Press walls were created taking into the account the smallest details in requirements.

vfv2 presswall
vfv2 winners
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