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    The making of Katalogus 2016

    • Process

    Getting the task to typeset the catalog without changing the previous version too much. Talking to sales assistants, reading reviews of the last year’s catalog.

    Starting to typeset. The new feature of Katalogus 2016 is the introduction of concept products. Introducing new bold section headings.

    The art director reminds that we need to start with a plan.

    Deciding not to repeat bright recognizable openings we used last year. Coming up with new ideas.

    Taking pictures.

    Taking photographs of several office objects in one shot.

    Art director: The layout of the left page is weak, there is no hierarchy.

    Chief typesetter: Bring back the shoes and place them half-turned.

    At the very last moment coffee blend #340 is replaced by blend #342.

    Thinking about the cover.

    katalogus 2016 process 32
    katalogus 2016 process 33
    katalogus 2016 process 34

    Choosing and placing objects, searching for the colors.

    katalogus 2016 process new 01

    Printing and assembling life-sized mock-ups.

    katalogus 2016 process new 07
    katalogus 2016 process new 08
    katalogus 2016 process new 09
    katalogus 2016 process new 10

    Adding an extra opening to the electronic version. Giving extra openings to the design and city projects.

    katalogus 2016 process 41

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