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  • The making of Katalogus 2018

    Overview• Process

    Project manager: Guys, we have a new task, we need to refresh the current version of the electronic Katalogus. We don’t need to change the layout, just update the products and the cover.

    Starting to work. Taking a long time to go through lists of new and retired products.

    Starting to add and fill in product cards. Trying various layout options.

    Art director: Can we make the cover dark or in some other color that would be different from the previous year?

    Suggesting ideas for the cover. Creating two designs, one as the successor to the previous year’s cover and another completely different one.

    Art director: I think the first one can be be better filled with a variety of objects. As for the second, maybe try some crazy gradients and stains?

    Designer: You don’t think it looks like colored mish-mash?

    Art director: Don’t fret. We need to create a cover that is bold, fresh and fun. We haven’t done that yet.

    Art director: The cold ones. Let’s go with the classics for now. And the one with the red rectangle, just make sure to try some other colors please.

    Artistic director: The first one is OK.

    Art director: Also let’s try to link designers’ names to their portfolios on our website.

    Editing all pages again!

    Even though we have the lists, new products keep appearing as we go. Some need to be added while others removed as they have been unavailable for a long time.

    Taking photos of the new products.

    Preparing the announcement!