Alfa Bank card application interface concepts

Task: to make an application form exciting.

Applying for a bank card on a website is a necessary process, though hardly the most entertaining. You need to fill out a lengthy form with personal data, and the longer and more boring it is, the less likely you are to get to the end and proceed with your application. We came up with a way for Alfa Bank to make the process interesting for users by adding game mechanics and a personalized approach.

Generative design. In the first concept, the appearance of the card depends on the data that was entered: when filling out the form, the user watches a unique image being created. Each new field adds new touches and motivates to keep going.

The cards turn out amazingly beautiful and delight their owners with their uniqueness.

Customization. In the second concept, parameter selection was moved to the very beginning of the process. The card reacts to the data that the user enters: first the name appears, then the logo of the payment system.

After spending time to customize the card during the first step, it’s harder for the user to abandon the process since they already see a personalized card with their name on it.

The pages look great on both desktops and smartphones

Made in 69 days
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