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Polar Pass

Task: to open up new horizons for travel.

The northern part of Russia is located in the Arctic zone which many travelers and adventurers overlook. This is absolutely unjustified since the area can offer an incredible number of interesting, virtually unexplored places: Khibiny, Teriberka, Franz Josef Land, Wrangel Island and many others.

The Russian Arctic is the perfect destination for extraordinary journeys. Developed by the request of Rostourism, the Polar Pass becomes an aid and a guide for tourists to the land of eternal winter.

2 polar pass

The cover of the Pass is made of a special film and shimmers just like the northern lights.

3 polar pass

The Polar Pass has all attributes of a real document: pages with personal information, a unique number and forgery prevention features.

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The Pass contains information about 55 interesting places in the Russian Arctic that are worth visiting.

10 polar pass
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Pass owners can collect unique stamps for visiting each place.

Blank pages for stamps are decorated with atmospheric illustrations.

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The last page has useful information and basic safety rules.

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The Pass pages have several layers of protection against forgery.

The Polar Pass is endlessly pleasant to look at and hold in your hands. It is imbued with the spirit of the Arctic and invites to go on a northern adventure. The Pass is issued on tours and cruises to the Russian Arctic.

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The studio wishes to thank Tatiana Menshikova and Nikita Kuprikov for their help with the project

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