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Arctic information signs

Task: to design beautiful and clear signs for the Arctic.

Russia has access to the Arctic polar zone which accounts for 18% of the country’s surface area. Such large, but sparsely populated spaces require good signs that would warn people of dangers, prohibit, prescribe and indicate.

The Arctic is full of dangers: glaciers, icebergs, crevasses, bears, cold and winds. Laconic but bright and easily noticeable signs attract attention and communicate possible issues from a distance.

Images on the signs are so obvious that their meaning is instantly clear. A happily jumping deer and hare mean there are wild animals nearby, you should exercise caution. An all-terrain vehicle leaning to the side: there are strong winds in the area, slow down.

Polar stations are restricted scientific objects where no outsiders are allowed, so prohibitive signs also had to be created.

However, we didn’t want to make the signs horribly frightening and strict. We needed to make them easily understandable, functional and at the same time to avoid causing irritation and the desire to act in defiance.

That’s why all pictures on the signs are sincere, with unnecessary but sweet details. A pedestrian cozily packed in a hooded parka reduces the strictness of the message and inspires trust.

Polar explorers use personal example to show where it’s better to walk in a group rather than alone, where you should move carefully and where it’s best no to go at all.

The metaphors were chosen with love and attention to unique features of the Polar nature. Clear silhouettes and simple graphics make signs easily readable from a distance even in extreme weather conditions.

Clean text signs have excellent legibility.

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Visiting the Arctic is an amazing experience that few people have enjoyed. It’s an event that you would want to tell your friends and family about, one you would want to describe to your grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

Naturally, all people who made the journey take great pleasure in being photographed with our Signs Everyone Takes Pictures With.

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