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Bezlimit identity

Task: to refresh the identity of a mobile operator.

Bezlimit is a premium mobile network operator that offers attractive plans and beautiful phone numbers. The company’s identity was redesigned at the studio and became truly remarkable.

The noble crowned lion on the shield symbolizes the premium status of the brand, while the shield itself is a representation of its reliability.

The thin golden waves delicately hint at cellular waves and digital technologies. The waves look especially great on business documents.

bezlimit identity docs
bezlimit identity notebooks

Fractals made from the golden lions add variety to the identity. They are easily recognizable and look truly royal and luxurious.

bezlimit lions

The brand’s most impressive feature are its branded envelopes and SIM cards whose design depends on the chosen service plan.

bezlimit identity sim
bezlimit identity envelopes

The wonderfully decorated envelopes a worthy of becoming a valued gift for every client.

The shield-shaped logo is self-sufficient and looks great on any media.

bezlimit identity rollup
bezlimit identity pin
bezlimit identity final
Made in 209 days
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