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Bezlimit website

to create a luxurious and easy to use website for a mobile operator.

About the client

Premium mobile operator Bezlimit is famous for offering its clients exclusive phone numbers and first-class service.

While using the competition feels like going to a regular supermarket, Bezlimit feels like visiting a luxury restaurant. The website for the brand designed in the studio is all about customer care and beauty: everything here looks expensive and premium, and at the same time very friendly, there is nothing to rush or distract the users or overload them with visual information.

About the website

Each page is prominent, presentable and respectable.

We created an entire system of modules that allows to quickly assemble a wide variety of mock-ups with every single one of them looking like it was created by an entire team of designers.

On the phone number selection screen each digit is coded with a photograph illustrating the client’s lifestyle.

If a number comes up that has several identical digits in a row, the picture underneath it assembles like a jigsaw puzzle.

The website successfully combines a spectacular façade with a well-designed non-trivial interface which makes exploring it a pure pleasure.

The contrasting visual language supports concise graphic solutions, making the website even more convenient and easy to use.

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Made in 298 days
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