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Chisty city naming and identity

Task: to come up with a name and develop an identity for a new ecopolis on Sakhalin.

The Chisty ecopolis is a project of a new “macrodistrict city” which will be built near the town of Korsakov in 2023. The new name perfectly reflects the essence of the future sustainable city: it will become the only city in the country to completely abandon household plastic and non-recyclable waste.

Chisty is a place with no harmful emissions and dull industrial landscapes. Buildings here are sized proportionately to people who inhabit them and the urban environment is inextricably connected to the natural landscape. Life in Chisty is comfortable, pleasant and peaceful.

ecopolis identity 01
ecopolis identity 02

Russian and English versions of the logo

The neutral logo adapts to any context and continues the idea of the toponym: the concise symbol is just like a blank sheet of paper, simple and with no hidden meanings.

ecopolis identity 1
ecopolis identity 2

The diacritical marks over the letters Ч and Й change depending on the context in which the logo is used. If a port or something else sea-related is mentioned, the marks turn into seagulls. When the conversation happens to be about ecotourism in the mountains, rocks are rising above the letters. And so on.

ecopolis identity 3
ecopolis identity 4

The key ideas of the identity are simplicity, naturalness and value for humans. Informational messages are full of friendly care, while the clean layout and laconic graphics create an emphasis on texture, reminding us that everything around us is part of nature.

ecopolis identity 5
ecopolis identity 6
ecopolis identity 7
ecopolis identity 8

Residential buildings are decorated with kind and inspiring quotes. Large icons on facades help navigate your way around: now it’s much easier to a explain a guest, a courier or a cab driver where to go and how to quickly find the right building.

ecopolis identity 10
—Where do you live?
—In that yellow building over there with the icon of a house on a mountain. Come and visit!
—OK, got it, I’ll come by :-)
ecopolis identity 11

The image of a sustainable city is emphasized by minibuses, scooters and bicycles of a pleasant green color.

ecopolis identity 12
ecopolis identity 15
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