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Chisty ecopolis urban environment elements typology

Task: to suggest architectural solutions for a new city.

Chisty is an ecopolis in Sakhalin Oblast which is planned to be finished by 2030. The urban space and traffic patterns in Chisty will gradually change over the next 50 years. Currently, the priority is in the development of autonomous public transport, changing pedestrian zones and additional landscaping of urban spaces.

Year 2030

Autonomous electric vehicles are actively used. Dedicated lanes for public transport and parking pockets have a permeable green surface. Public transportation is fully automated. Bioretention ditches are used, allowing to filter and purify wastewater.

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Year 2050

Public and private transportation is fully automated, traffic is reduced. There are more green areas. Roads are constructed of panels made from recycled plastic.

Year 2070

Eco-friendly streets with only automated public transport are introduced. The level of comfort for pedestrians and cyclists is greatly improved.

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City lighting system is based on the principles of relying on alternative energy. Its sources are available in the natural area of the region (water and wind) or are associated with human activity (kinetic energy; energy from recycling, etc.).

Overhead lighting

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Intelligent lighting

Lights are only switched on when traffic sensors detect road users.

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Wind tulip

A turbine built into the lamppost converts wind energy into electricity.

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Kinetic lighting

Lights accumulate and convert kinetic energy from sports equipment.

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Powered by batteries charged by a turbine located under a bridge or a pier.

Medium-level lighting

ecopolis 2.5

LED lamps powered by the energy of depleted batteries

Combine recycling and illumination.

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Illuminated benches

The surface is made of a photo electric panel, or the benches connect to the city power grid.

Ground-level lighting

ecopolis 2.7

Surface-mounted traffic light

A surface mounted pedestrian LED light is synchronized with a traffic light. The device uses the energy of the kinetic surface of the pedestrian crossing which is activated when cars or pedestrians move over it.

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Sidewalk lights

Water and dust-proof fixtures are equipped with autonomous solar panels and do not need to be wired in.

Landscaping typology

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Landscaping typology

The typology of landscaping systems takes into account natural, climatic and environmental characteristics of the region. Vegetation is used to zone spaces and create a comfortable environment for social interaction, to protect against strong winds and noise.

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Upper-level landscaping

ecopolis 3.4.1

Alleys and row planting for wind protection

ecopolis 3.4.2

Trellises for wind and noise protection

ecopolis 3.4.3

Tall hedges for zoning and wind protection

ecopolis 3.4.3

Mobile landscaping along fences in unsightly areas

Mid-level landscaping

ecopolis 3.3.1

Mobile landscaping using planters on summer terraces and in places where other types of landscaping is impossible

ecopolis 3.3.2

Hedges for zoning

ecopolis 3.3.3

Accent plantings for organizing additional recreation areas

Lower-level landscaping

ecopolis 3.2.1

Lawns for picnics and outdoor activities

ecopolis 3.2.2

Row planting between areas of different purpose

ecopolis 3.2.3

Hedges to separate roads and pedestrian areas

Urban objects are made predominantly from local natural materials and are integrated into the landscape. Alternative waste collection solutions are used, helping minimize the negative human impact on the environment.

Transport stop shelters and bicycle parking

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Modular bicycle parking spaces

Consist of wooden modules which, when joined together, create parking spaces for bicycles, as well as canopies and benches. The modules also support climbing plants.

ecopolis 4.3

Mushroom-shaped shelters

Allow to collect rainwater.

Street furniture

ecopolis 4.4

Rest areas in the urban environment

Landscaped parklets with pergolas and bicycle parking.

ecopolis 4.5

Rest areas on slopes

Consist of platforms with stepped seats, an observation deck and various recreational areas.

ecopolis 4.6

Stores integrated into the environment

A decommissioned shipping container with a cork panel interior is used.

ecopolis 4.7

Smart underground waste containers

Equipped with solar-powered compactors and sensors that monitor waste level.

ecopolis 4.8

Streetlamp trash bin

Uses compost as a source of energy.

Eco-solutions related to water and air, aimed at offsetting current problems of the region. Acute problems include storms, coastal flooding, water and air pollution.

Eco solutions for water and air

ecopolis 5.1

Active seabed topology is formed near the shoreline to dampen tidal energy.

ecopolis 5.2

Floating farms for algae farming and iodine production are introduced.

ecopolis 5.3

A system of rivers, ponds and waterfalls is developed near the shoreline to reduce effects of storms.

ecopolis 5.4

Waste interception containers are installed in the channels that have a special design for quick and easy replacement and cleaning.

ecopolis 5.5

Water containers are added to public transport stop shelters and information signs, helping purify the air that passes through them.

Principles of modularity are used in the design of recreational areas, making them easier to place on uneven terrain. Modularity allows convenient interaction with water environment, as well as the use of alternative energy sources for autonomous operation of lighting systems.

Recreational area

The nature trail is located on the terrain and is designed for adult recreation.

ecopolis 6

Sports area

The modular design allows to place it on any terrain. The sports area is equipped with workout machines that generate energy for lighting of the sports ground itself and its surroundings.

ecopolis 7

Children’s playground

The playground is equipped with water kinetic machines, as well as a slide and is divided into several play zones.

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