Moscow electric bus design

Task: to draw attention to a new type of city transport.

On September 1 electric buses came to Moscow streets, the best mode of transport for the capital’s climate and traffic conditions. They’re just like regular buses but produce no noise, are extremely comfortable and do not pollute the air. Climate control, wifi, charging slots—everything Moscow residents have been dreaming about.

Outside, the electric buses look almost entirely like regular buses. Which is why the large letters on the sides proudly announce: this is an electric bus. Advantages are listed in plain text to make sure everyone’s aware of the benefits.

electrobus loop 4

Beautiful portraits of the new buses and the cheerful slogan are placed on Troika cards, billboards and traffic stops and inspire Muscovites to take a ride on the new type of transport.

electrobus cover 2

artistic director and designer

art director


secret advisor

Made in 32 days
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