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Double-decked electric marine vessel for Doha

Doha is the financial and spiritual center of Qatar. It is developing rapidly, gradually becoming one of the main cities of the Islamic world. For instance, in 2022, 580 thousand tourists came to the city, and by 2024 this number should exceed five million.

However, there is a problem: the capital is designed mainly for motorists. There is no public water transportation. We designed a double-decked electric marine vessel, which gives it a start.

doha 01

The concept is based on the traditional Arabian dhow vessel.

doha 02

The interior is mindful of the local culture: areas for women and golden ticket passengers are separate. Same with the head, which is usually shared, but in this case is separate for men and women.

doha 03

Luggage racks under the ceiling, seats for the disabled and bicycle racks add to the comfort. In the back of each seat is a screen with a route map, while line maps are located under the ceiling.

doha 04

The open stern with panoramic views on both decks allows passengers to admire the city.

doha 05

Thanks to the electric vessel designed in the studio, Doha shows the entire world that it welcomes guests with open arms.

doha 06
doha 07

The studio will be happy to license boat designs to shipyards and transportation companies to bring them to life.

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