Pindushi woodworking plant logo

Task: to design a logo.

We have a lot of beauty in Russia.
Maybe you’ve heard
about Pindushi, a village on the Onega?
A comfy train won’t take you there.
People there make particleboard
that’s stronger than the boards of Noah’s Ark.

dok pindushi

There’s blue snow there. And the forest is mossy.
Deep inside is a woodworking plant,
a wonderful plant, no flattery.
And there’s a sign above it, like a halo:
we drew a logo for them.
There’s the letter D, forever together with P.

dok pindushi 01
dok pindushi 02
dok pindushi 03
dok pindushi 04

dok pindushi 05
dok pindushi 06
dok pindushi 07
dok pindushi 08
dok pindushi 09

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project manager

Made in 25 days
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