Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries interiors

Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries is a producer of polypropylene and builder of one of the largest gas chemical complexes in the republic that is located in the Atyrau region. Today the company is constructing its plant management building. The studio developed an interior concept for it, which gives a solid and recognizable character to the enterprise and brings comfort to its employees.

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Public spaces are as open as possible: a glass wall separates the friendly lobby from the corridor with a spectacular staircase and a memorable wavy light fixture.

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The heart of the building and its main place of attraction is the large atrium with an open floor plan.

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The atrium is organized around two tall trees: they add freshness to the space and create a feeling of an oasis amid the arid steppe landscapes.

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The cloud-like structure under the ceiling complements the natural atmosphere.

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The austere forms and restrained color scheme of the conference hall and meeting rooms set the mood for business, while warm wooden textures and greenery soothe and make the space cozier.

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Executive offices are finished in the same style, but with more expensive materials.

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The numerous office spaces are designed to be pleasant to work in throughout the day.

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The main location of the building is the control center from where the entire plant is controlled.

The black color of the walls reduces eyestrain, while the overall minimalist nature of the interior prevents the center’s operators from being distracted from important tasks.

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