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Nashe Derevo identity and communication strategy

Task: to create a communication strategy, logo and identity for a social project.

Up until 2019, families would take their baby home from the maternity hospital, listen to the wishes from relatives, friends, buddies, work colleagues, classmates, neighbors and strangers on Facebook, and then the holiday would end and it would turn out that nothing much has really changed as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The baby turned the life of his or her parents upside down, but in the neighboring park or community everything remained the same.

Now the birth of a child changes urban environment. Since 2019, trees are planted in Moscow to celebrate the birth of children. This is done by the social project Nashe Derevo organized by the Moscow Government.

Communication strategy

The strategy had two goals: to attract people to the website and to figure out how to interact with them after they made their application.

nashe derevo identity strategy 01_

The strategy describes ways to interact with different people, both those who have just learned about the project and those who have already decided to participate.

nashe derevo identity strategy 02
Points of contact with project participants

Interaction scenarios were created for all possible situations, both positive and negative. The strategy explains how to talk to people to ensure communication is always as friendly as possible.

Logo and identity

The logo is very cordial: it conveys a family atmosphere and demonstrates the connection between city residents and nature. In it, you can see a young family, a tree and a stroller with a newborn baby.

In the foreground are happy parents who strive to improve their native town (and are joyful they can do it).

The certificate of tree planting is decorated with leaves. It is so cute it simply begs to be framed and displayed proudly.

nashe derevo identity doc

A tree can be chosen right on the website.

nashe derevo identity trees

Parents can choose a park in any Moscow district. This makes it easier to visit the tree and watch it grow.

nashe derevo identity map

The set for newborns includes a letter that invites to participate in the project. Colorful confetti flies out when the envelope is opened.

nashe derevo identity letter

A public holiday is conducted on the day of planting. Families come in full, with children in strollers, to watch their trees being planted.

nashe derevo identity flags
nashe derevo identity family

Participants are given memorable souvenirs.

nashe derevo identity keys
nashe derevo identity bag

Leaflets clearly explain how to take part in this beautiful project.

nashe derevo identity final2

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