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Factory of the Future logo and identity

Task: to create identity for a scientific project.

Factory of the Future is a large-scale scientific and technical project. In effect, it’s an attempt to create a new production model in Russia, a supermodern facility with innovative equipment. Most of the staff at the factory are scientists.

Factories like this one are equipped with super-powerful computers and machines that allow to carry out thousands of tests per second and dedicate most of resources to research and development. As a result, new materials, technologies and solutions are developed making manufacturing products better, cheaper and more effective.

In 2018, the first Factory of the Future was launched in the New Production Technologies center of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.

The logo is clearly futuristic and high-tech.

The color scheme reminds of movies about robots while the symbol itself is pointed up and forward, towards the high-tech future.

The identity makes use of wavy shapes of corporate colors, also futuristic and vaguely scientific.

ff shirt

Elements of the identity are used in interior design, on business documents and uniforms.

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ff final

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Made in 192 days
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