Sea channel ice monitoring system logo


Research and manufacturing enterprise Marine Computer Systems develops software and instruments for marine transport, including radar stations and processors, as well as environmental monitoring systems.

A special place in the company’s range is taken by Solomka, a sea channel ice monitoring system. It collects information about the ice cover in the Arctic waters and transmits it to geoinformation portals in the form of images and metadata, allowing ships to choose the best route.

A logo that clearly shows how integration of different arrays of data makes ice navigation safe was created in the studio.

The jagged outlines of the symbol resemble many overlapping images, as well as broken ice floes with a fairway between them.

solomka display
solomka display mobile

The easily scalable technique makes communication branding a piece of cake.

solomka laptop

The gradient depicts the cold depths of the sea, combining perfectly with the clear geometry of the logo and the strict typeface.

solomka shirt

art director


type designer

project manager

Made in 27 days
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