City Clinical Hospital No. 40 logo

Task: to design a logo for a major medical complex.

The Moscow hospital whose main building is located near VDNKh Metro station has been open to patients since the end of the 19th century. The facility that was first located in four wooden houses over time has grown to become a super modern clinic. It offers care and chemotherapy to cancer patients. The complex has a maternity ward and a department for treatment of malignant blood diseases. The hospital’s new building in Kommunarka treats people infected with the coronavirus.

gkb40 logo

The hospital’s logo features the most famous medical sign, the cross, and the number 40. It combines strips of medical bandage and the cancer support ribbon. You can even see pills in it, a staple of any treatment!

The transparent shades of blue have a calming effect on people for whom every visit to a hospital is a stress. In addition to that, blue is also the color of technology.

gkb40 versions

The new logo adorns façades of the hospital’s buildings, can be easily reproduced on souvenirs and looks stylish on employee uniforms.

gkb40 costume
gkb40 flags
gkb40 docs
gkb40 final

artistic director

art director

Made in 23 days
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