City Clinical Hospital No. 40 website

Task: to create a website about a hospital's fight with the coronavirus.

City Clinical Hospital No. 40 is one of the largest medical facilities in Moscow. The hospital has extensive experience in fighting cancer, keeping women healthy and has its own maternity ward. Recently, the hospital was given a new super equipped medical complex in Kommunarka and on March 15 it should have started receiving patients with all kinds of ailments.

However, on March 1 it was decided to establish a new clinic for treating patients with the coronavirus. The hospital urgently established a quarantine zone, the staff mastered the use of personal protection and is now leading the fight for people’s lives.

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The hospital’s website provides an abundance of information about the recent developments. Thanks to the clear statistics numbers and a news aggregator, visitors can instantly see how the number of patients changes and how successful the doctors are in treating the virus.

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An important place on the website is given to information on employment. The hospital needs additional staff, so a large block with contact information for medical professionals is featured more prominently than usual to attract attention.

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