Personal Protective Equipment posters

Task: to design instructions for using PPE.

Large instructional posters were created for the wayfinding system for the hospital in Kommunarka. The pictures show the order in which to put on and remove personal protective equipment for working in the quarantine area. The illustrations are easily visible in protective goggles, are beautiful and, most importantly, are perfectly clear even after a quick glance during rapidly evolving situations.

gkb40 poster 01 en

The posters were created by the studio’s designers with the help of Anna Domkina, the head of the Epidemiology Department of City Clinical Hospital No. 40. The hospital’s specialists successfully lead the fight against the coronavirus and share their practices with others by providing free access to the posters.

gkb40 poster 02 en
gkb40 poster 03 en

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Made in 6 days
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