Kommunarka Moscow Multidisciplinary Medical Center logo

Task: to design a logo.

The Multidisciplinary Clinical Center Kommunarka is being created on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital No. 40. The complex is planned to include an outpatient clinic, a perinatal center, pediatric and children’s infectious diseases clinics, a radiotherapy unit and a center for outpatient oncological care. Kommunarka is the first state hospital in Russia that treats both adults and children.

Earlier, the studio has already created a logo for Hospital No. 40. After the reorganization, the new center needed its own logo, fresh, but retaining the familiar image. And that’s exactly what we came up with. It combines the outline of a heart and an ambulance cross that form the first letter of the center’s name. Transparent elements hint at medical cleanliness and clarity of actions the patients need to take.

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Made in 36 days
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