Hamkor Bank mobile app

Task: to show the character of a leading bank.

The Uzbekistan bank Hamkor grew out of its old application: it accumulated lots of pages that made navigation very difficult. All information was streamlined in the studio to create an airy, scalable and colorful app with national character.

Usually banking apps try to look more restrained and austere. Hamkor breaks with this stereotype: it’s full of bright colors and accent typography.

In addition to the typeface and colorful accents, the application stands out with its unusual graphics. The main feature is a patterned scarf that combines the Uzbek character with technology. The animated pattern focuses the attention on what’s important.

Hamkor’s new application is beautiful and easy to use. It supports all banking tasks as well as contains interesting solutions that you won’t find in apps of other banks.

Product cards can be “detached” from the screen by swiping.

Account balances can be easily hidden from prying eyes.

Universal controls are positioned in the same way on credit card, deposit and other product pages and easily adjust to a specific product.

Forms are designed so that all steps fit on one screen.

Spending information comes together to form a chart like a mosaic. The chart allows to see how expenses break down by categories every day without having to switch between the pie and line chart views.

All elements of the design system were adapted for the dark theme. The background is completely black, saving a bit of battery life on smartphones with OLED displays.

Essential user scenarios were developed in the studio to ensure the application meets the needs of the bank’s clients and that the bank can easily develop it further.

All interface elements are designed in such a way that they can be used to build new pages that are assembled from universal blocks using ready-made templates. This allows the application to grow dynamically along with the bank.

A variety of icons was created for different scenarios.

hamkorbank app icons2

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Made in 80 days
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