Indoleads website

Task: to come up with an affiliate network website that looks expensive.

Indoleads is a platform where website owners find offers to place themed ads on their website. Advertisers receive revenue from mentions of their products on popular resources.

Maximum contrast

The company’s special approach to each client is emphasized on the website by unique valuable items. Competitors certainly have nothing like that.

Exquisite illustrations on website pages hint at collaboration with big brands and big money.

indolids stick_1

The website is filled with metaphors that are waiting to be explored.

indolids earth
indolids lamp_3

Coherent blocks focus the visitor’s attention on what’s important.

indolids blur
No hidden fees,
just profit

Contrast is everywhere: in colors, illustrations and statements.

The advantages of services and information on how to work with them is presented on the website as a screencast.

Specially selected offerings incite additional interest.

indolids iphone_0 indolids iphone_1

на мобильных

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indolids iphone_3
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Made in 59 days
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