Kolesa Darom website

Kolesa Darom is a platform which offers car service, sells automotive supplies and considers the driver the hero of all happy stories. An online store where four thousand automotive products are presented in a way that makes exploring them a pleasure was created in the studio.

It all started with one wheel.

kd wheel

And then it went on and on.

kd brands
kd labels

The main page of the online store has a lot of wheels. A ton of them, in fact.

The ideal wheels are chosen using filters that are based on the user’s driving style.

The informative graphics of the filters and the clear wording of conditions help fully understand all the technical nuances.

The product card contains all the important information, including a list of technical specifications with tooltips that explain technical terms. Visitors can enter the catalog and choose tires to match their rims, or the other way around. For each combination, the perfect match is given in the recommendation box.

Bonuses are awarded for purchases and other activity on the website.

kd bonus

All actions are conveniently tracked on the account page. It also contains order numbers, warehouse pickup times, tools for making service appointments—all presented in convenient widgets which also provide timely reminders of important events.

The My Garage service was developed for the personal account page. Users can save the details of their vehicles and then see compatible parts, as well as receive notifications about upcoming service appointments. The button to make an appointment is conveniently located next to the reminders.

kd car
kd car m kd list m

Orders on the website can be made quickly and easily. Autofilling forms and automatically saved previously entered addresses reduce the process down to a couple of clicks. If needed, installation fees can also be calculated during checkout. After payment, the user is taken to the appointment form with all the data already prepopulated.

Now everyone knows which website has all the wheels.

kd bottom
kd bottom m
Made in 170 days
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