Kolesa Darom store and service center interiors

Task: to create comfortable interiors for car enthusiasts.

Kolesa Darom helps motorists by offering a variety of services, high-quality products and timely advice. All of this is done with care and firm conviction that the client is always right. The best experience is offered to customers and of course the stores are designed with their needs and interests in mind. An interior where customers want to stay, exploring everything around and making useful purchases was created in the studio.

kolesa darom interior

Store employees greet all visitors in the welcome area located by the entrance. The workplaces of the cashier and the online store manager are also located here. This way visitors can immediately see who to ask for help and were to pay after making their choice. Stands with promotional and seasonal goods are also located here.

kolesa darom stand

Different people come to the stores, but all of them have one goal in mind: choosing the right product for their car. We created a unique display stand with fragments of different types of cars. There is no need to make salesmen roll wheels on the floor anymore.

Car rims are hung along the walls on special hangers. Thanks to this unusual format, the elements look as if they are floating in the air and literally attract the eyes of customers. The effect is simply fascinating.

kolesa darom disks

Special mounting elements allow to securely fix the rims on the stand and easily remove them when needed

A well-designed three-level wayfinding system made in accordance with the Kolesa Darom identity helps find your way around the multitude of items. Large signs with the names of categories are hung from the ceiling, so you can see where you need to go from a distance.

kolesa darom nav 01

Signs on the walls are thematically linked to “their” zones and succinctly describe what’s going on. It’s obvious that the text “Even the kids won’t feel bored around here” can only appear in the children’s corner and a text about waiting—next to a coffee point.

kolesa darom nav 02

The floor signs are as accurate as possible. They say straight out the name of the product that is being sold. This way, the signs “find” every person in the store and lead them to the department they were looking for.

kolesa darom nav 03

To make searching for products on shelves even faster, we came up with bubble signs and dividers. The bubble signs resemble the usual conversation design of messenger apps and contain user reviews of products, motivating to make purchases. The dividers contain the names of product types making it easy to see where the summer and the winter tires are.

kolesa darom nav 04

Thanks to the sound space planning, cozy interiors and the smart wayfinding system, the stores become convenient for everyone: regular customers, casual visitors, kids who come with their parents and, of course, the employees.

Although clients aren’t allowed in the repair area, it’s design is just impeccable as the rest of the interiors. The aesthetics can be seen in every detail.

kolesa darom service 01

The main space of is taken by car lifts. Other equipment is located along the walls: this is safer and also complies with the plan and technological requirements. Above all, work must be safe. And comfortable, of course.

kolesa darom service 02

Numbers on the wall repeat the corresponding numbering on the entrance gates, allowing drivers to see which stall they are entering even when the gate is open.

High standards for the design of car centers make visiting them as exciting as going to an oceanarium or a barbershop. And the employees feel pride for their brand and chosen profession.

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