Kolesa Darom company positioning

Task: to create positioning and a communication strategy for a Russian company selling car tires and wheels.

Kolesa Darom is one of the largest distributors of tires and wheels with an extensive network of service centers across Russia. We helped the company rethink its brand, came up with new positioning and developed a strategy for communicating with customers.

kd pyramid

We conducted research and revealed important traits of the industry.

Buying car parts and tires is only a part of the larger cycle of car maintenance.

The service center is the main point of contact for customers with a brand.

Creating a network of attractive, accessible service centers for all car owners can give a business a boost.

Companies should put service centers front and center and develop sales through service.

64 %

of car owners believe they are being deceived at tire dealers and service centers

42 %

are afraid of poor work quality

30 %

of car parts on the market are counterfeit

kd moscow traffic

The research also helped uncover people’s fears about service centers: while industry players believe that success lies in expanding the range of goods and services, consumers simply don’t trust the industry as a whole.

As a result, we identified the main objective of the company: to think about people. In practice, it means that it is important to work not with the car, but with its owner, paying more attention to drivers and their experience of interacting with the service center.

kd girl cap
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The communication strategy was created to inform the current and future clients of this new approach of the company to its services. Thanks to the strategy, the company speaks to different groups of people in a language they understand, dispelling any doubts and prejudices. And also gives everyone an answer to the question: «How can I get it for free?»

The rational family man

Wants to save money
Cash bonuses
k d mirror 01

“Buy a set of tires and get them installed for free!”

Ambitious fellow

Considers himself an expert

Loves his vehicle
Product bonuses
Useful accessories
k d mirror 02

“The more you come to us, the more accessories you get for free!”

Serious businessman

Wants to save time
Time as a bonus
Opportunity to get free service
Appointment for a specific time
No lines
k d mirror 03

“Free service at any time when you buy tires for at least 50 000 ₽!”

Careful driver

Little knowledge about cars

Many fears

Wants the service professionals to do all the work
Peace of mind
Coffee in a nice chair with WiFi while experienced professionals work on the car
k d mirror 04

“Buy a set of services and get the benefit of our care and experience for free!”

Busy mother

Would like to save time

Wants to spend more time with kids
Appointment at a specific time
Children's play area
k d mirror 05

“While we work on the car, the mom and the kids are busy with coloring books and busy boards”

The new principles of work and communication are in effect in all of the company’s service centers, on its website and social network accounts, helping Kolesa Darom fully meet the needs of its customers and successfully grow its business.

kd car wall
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