Kolesa Darom store and service center exteriors

Task: to design façades of a company's stores and service centers.

In the Kolesa Darom stores clients can buy car accessories, tires, rims, batteries, oil and chemicals, and in the service centers they can get new tires fitted, rims repaired, TPMS systems installed and get many other things done to their cars. The stores and service centers attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians from afar thanks to the exteriors designed at the studio.

kolesa darom exteriors building

The principles we developed are functional and versatile: they can be used in the design of both stores and service centers. Everything superfluous is removed from the façades with only significant elements kept in place. The company logo rendered in two lines is placed strictly above the entrance. On the narrow friezes the two-line version is replaced with a one-line version, and if there is no space at all, the identity elements are placed to the side of the entrance.

The variety of signage options created allows to place the logos even on historic buildings.

kolesa darom exteriors facade

If a service center is located next to a store, their façades are combined, yet the service center façade retains its distinctive appearance by having additional signs with names of services offered.

kolesa darom exteriors entrance

The outdoor tire service areas located along blank walls have stall numbers painted on the walls in the company’s signature green color. These numbers make the façades look like service center gates, clearly showing they are related to each other.

To help clients find their way around, the markings on the façade are similar to those in the service area.

kolesa darom exteriors inside


Tire fitting pavilions have brighter design than permanent stores, helping them more visible to potential visitors, day and night.

The layout of the pavilions is designed to accommodate the maximum features in the small size without compromising the working space or functionality. There are areas for storing tires, as well as a niche for an air compressor outside. Special bumpers perform two functions: they serve as supports for removed wheels and protect the façade from dirt, helping it look neat longer.

When creating the structural elements, we took into account the needs of the clients and the interests of employees. The pavilions have everything for comfortable work, as well as areas for taking a break and having lunch. Despite their modest sizes, the pavilions fulfill all functions of permanent service centers.

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Made in 105 days
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