Made in Moscow brand platform and logo

Task: to draw people's attention to Moscow businesses.

Everybody is used to thinking that Moscow only consumes and spends, but in fact people here develop and produce rocket parts, elevators, clothes, tableware, furniture, electronics and much more. The program of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow helps businesses and informs locals about all this diversity.

A brand platform for the program was developed in the studio that was later used to create a logo in the shape of a balloon that lifts interest to Moscow goods and services to new heights and strengthens regional economic patriotism.

Letters of varying thickness preserve the volume of the logo when rendered on any background and in any language.

made in moscow cup
made in moscow hours

In smaller sizes, the text part is separated from the logo while maintaining the connection with the volumetric symbol.

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project manager

Made in 52 days
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