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Interior design for Nornickel amenity spaces

Task: to create guidelines for designing interiors of amenity spaces.

Nornickel is a Russian mining and metallurgy company, world’s largest producer of palladium, platinum and copper. Every day thousands of employees all over the country start their shifts at Nornickel facilities. They not just work at production sites but also take breaks, have lunches and work out in specially designated locations. These places are called amenity spaces.

A guide that will allow interiors of all Nornickel’s amenity locations become equally comfortable, cozy and distinct from faceless industrial interiors was created in the studio.

nornickel 01

The traditional security booth with a small window was replaced by an open and airy welcome desk.

The entrance lobby has comfortable seating areas. Finishing materials are functional, yet create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere thanks to their colors and natural textures.

nornickel 02

Concrete walls give the interior a sense of industrial brutality. To prevent them from looking monotonous, a special pattern that echoes the company’s logo was created for large wall stretches in lobbies and recreation zones.

nornickel 03

Walls of office corridors are adorned with decorative panels and mirrors.

nornickel 04

Doors leading to important public rooms and offices are painted in the accent color and highlighted with large wayfinding signs. Auxiliary and service rooms, on the contrary, are as discreet as possible.

nornickel 05

Solid colors are used to mark end walls of numerous corridors. Walking in such a space doesn’t give you a sense of moving nowhere and the journey becomes more diverse and interesting.

nornickel 06

Small halls are used to hold conferences, seminars and presentations. Their laconic interiors are transformed thanks to the media surface on the front wall.

nornickel 07

Large halls are laid out according to the same principles. The scale of each room is emphasized by additional decorative illumination.

nornickel 08

Suppliers of ready-made furniture and equipment were chosen for all standard interiors. One of the impressive custom-made elements is the wooden table.

nornickel 09

Wooden textures are used especially actively in the design of cafeterias. Plastic beige-colored chairs fit into the color scheme along with a large number of plants creating an atmosphere of a cozy café.

nornickel 10

The cafeteria serving counter is separated from the dining area by a bar, helping better organize the line and expanding the seating area for visitors.

nornickel 11

Functional zoning is emphasized by the floor pattern.

nornickel 12

Carefully chosen colors and unconventional lighting turn a regular laundry room into a stylish modern space.

nornickel 13

Locker rooms have a very simple layout and a design that is inspired by corporate colors. Colorful lockers look anything but monotonous.

nornickel 14

The showers adjacent to locker rooms have pleasant laconic finishing with striking black ceilings and fixtures.

nornickel 15

Washroom layout is even simpler. Everything here is very minimalistic with the signal coloring of dividers adding life to the restrained gray space.

nornickel 16

End walls of staircases are finished with textured stucco that is emphasized by lighting.

nornickel 17

Smoking rooms are as functional as possible but are rather discreet in design, aiming to prevent people from spending too much time inside.

nornickel 18

Gyms are decorated with a specially developed sports-themed pattern.

nornickel 19

Fitness center interiors have unobtrusive corporate branding.

nornickel 20

All design rules were compiled into a single album where thoughtful recommendations are given for each room’s finishing, equipment and lighting, including specific furniture models and materials.

nornickel 21 v3

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art director

chief architect


  • The studio wishes to thank Maksim Davidovich Krichman for his help with the project
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