Interiors Kola GMK Wayfinding

Wayfinding guidelines for Nornickel administration and utility buildings

Task: to help employees better navigate the facilities.

Nornickel is a national and global leader in the mining and metallurgical industry. The company has many factories all over the country that employ thousands of people. Principles for creating wayfinding media for administration and utility buildings were developed in the studio and compiled into a detailed guide.

Since users’ needs are the priority, Nornickel’s wayfinding system is not just informative, it also creates a pleasant homelike atmosphere.

nornickel navigation doors

The well thought-out typology covers all possible situations.

Visible from far away, the upper metal marker allows seasoned employees to quickly find their bearings.

While the glass plate with detailed information helps new hires.

nornickel navigation stairs a

A separate template created for each sign can be used to create new media quickly and easily.

nornickel navigation 301
nornickel navigation wall

Branded pictograms complement the signs and can also be used as independent elements located next to doors.

nornickel navigation icons

Working with the system is made easier by clear principles of numbering, designation and prioritization of stairs and rooms.

nornickel navigation final
Made in 108 days
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