Design code for Kola GMK industrial sites

Task: to transform the surroundings of two large industrial sites.

Nornickel, the company that owns Kola GMK, is a Russian mining and metallurgical company, the world's largest producer of palladium and one of the largest producers of nickel, platinum and copper.

To ensure that the appearance of the industrial sites reflects the leading status of an advanced technological company and that employees feel comfortable and can easily find their way around, we created detailed guidelines for the design of the surroundings, façades, wayfinding signs and information structures.


The industrial sites are located in the Murmansk Region, beyond the Arctic Circle, near the towns of Monchegorsk and Zapolyarny.

We analyzed the unique features of the sites and divided them into zones depending on the functional purpose of the areas, their structure and impact on the overall appearance of the plant.

Each zone has its own rules for color design of façades, depending on their functional purpose and external characteristics.

kgmk signs

kgmk bulding 01
Administrative and management buildings are finished with vertical turquoise and gray panels

kgmk bulding 03
Medium-height industrial buildings are clad in horizontal blue and gray panels

kgmk bulding 02
Tall industrial buildings are covered with horizontal turquoise and gray panels

The appearance of entrances also depends on the type of building.

kgmk entrances

Bus stops are illuminated and heated. Thanks to their bright turquoise color, they can be easily seen in snowy weather.

kgmk bus station

Information structures are multifunctional and follow the style of the bus stops.

kgmk info

A special section of the design code is devoted to the rules of design and placement of façade signs. Recommendations for media façades are also provided.

kgmk corner

kgmk facade

To ensure simple and convenient wayfinding, each production unit is assigned its own color.

kgmk colors

Maps with production unit boundaries are placed throughout the plant on wayfinding signs and at bus stops.

kgmk map

Wayfinding pylons and signs also help find your way around.

kgmk navigation

kgmk stela
kgmk nav signs

Color coding is reflected in the building numbering system. For example, a yellow stripe is placed on the façade next to the building number to mark industrial buildings belonging to the chemical and metallurgical shop.

kgmk number

Considerable attention in the design code is paid to landscaping. We developed principles for placement of small architectural forms and for selection of street furniture.

kgmk maf 01

kgmk maf 02

kgmk furniture

Art objects help bring variety to the industrial landscape.

kgmk art 01

kgmk art 02

kgmk art 03

To ensure roads and pedestrian walkways look nice and last a long time, the album provides general recommendations for pavement construction.

kgmk stone

An important part of a comfortable environment is proper landscaping. The design code describes general principles of plant selection and care.

kgmk green

A unified set of rules for environment design will transform the industrial sites and make the plant grounds comfortable, modern and high-tech.

kgmk final
Made in 107 days
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