to make the work of city services easier.

The signs mark the location of manholes and provide relevant technical information: the type of underground communications, diameter of the well, distance to the manhole, etc.

odessa hydrant before
odessa hydrant after

The signs are made of a composite material covered with ORACAL film. The result is a sign that looks great on any city building.

odessa hydrant detail
Unique sign numbers make finding them easier

odessa hydrant yellow
For gas services, 12 cm (4,7″) signs with information on the type of the chamber were created: underground gas pipeline, valve under cover, gas control chamber, overflow pipe. Digits 1 to 3 represent pressure level

odessa hydrant blue
Sewage collector sign

To improve visual association, manhole covers are painted to match the color of the signs. Bright paint and white outline will show car drivers where to avoid parking.

odessa hydrant manhole

odessa hydrant street 01

Signs of manholes containing fire valves are located 2–3 meters (6–10′) above the ground where they will be easily seen by firetruck drivers. Signs denoting gas pipeline inspection manholes are located at foot level.

odessa hydrant street 03
Low pressure distribution pipeline sign

odessa hydrant street 02
According to government standards, the sign should be visible from at least 10 meters

odessa hydrant street 04

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Project developed at the Odessa design workshop

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