• Odessa Workshop
  • Task:
    to come up with a universal set of city icons.

    The icons can be used on any media and in any location where they can improve city navigation. The graphics is based on the combination of strokes and color spots.

    Signs maintain a unified style and contain many interesting nuances

    Details of the pictograms reflect the famous Odessa charm.

    Seaport life

    Smaller versions of the icons work great on maps, in tables and on other small-scale media.

    Miniature signs contain less details while still remaining recognizable

    The pictograms are combined into groups by subject. Each group has its unique features. For example, signs for government buildings always have a filling, the only exception being the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. When a journey by public transport is implied, the mode of transportation is drawn from the side, whereas a view from the front is used to denote locations of transport stops.

    Project developed at the Odessa design workshop

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky


    • Sergey Steblina


    • Irina Nechitaylo
    • Sergey Rovinsky


    • Aleksandr Nosikov

    project manager

    • Yulia Nikolaeva