to provide main information about urban environment objects.

Signs attached to city objects contain information about the organization responsible for the object and the number to call in case of a malfunction.

odessa id3
Name of servicing organization
Unique object code: C (bench)—object type; "543-25"—object number
П (Primorsky)—district name
odessa id

Signs are made of thin sheet metal with laser engraved text.

odessa id bench
Street bench

Several versions of signs for three types of city objects—benches, lamps and trash cans—were developed.

odessa id types

odessa id stolb
All shapes work well on all objects

Mounting method depends on the material of the object: signs can be fastened with bolts or special glue.

odessa id trash

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Project developed at the Odessa design workshop

artistic director

art director


  • Georgy Telpis
  • Konstantin Emelyanov


  • Aleksandr Levitsky

project manager