to help people find their way on the streets.

The signs located on posts provide information about landmarks and interesting location on the city’s streets. To make the search easier, each information group has its own visual layer.

odessa navigation plate pillar
Along the Rishelyevskaya Ulitsa

Services are marked with simple and clear icons. When looking at the sign, one can easily find their bearings by using building numbers and counting the number of blocks to their destination.

odessa navigation plate side
The time it takes to walk along the entire street is given in the header
Additional landmarks help find a route
odessa navigation plate side icons
Restaurants and stores are highlighted by icons of different color
Pictograms of major buildings have additional volume
Bottom part of the sign contains useful information on public transportation and city services
A separate block is dedicated for sponsor information
odessa navigation plate side

The sign location is marked by a bright blue dot on the map. The dots are printed on semi-transparent stickers and are applied during installation.

odessa navigation plate circle

The signs are attached to posts with clamps and screws.

odessa navigation plate types
All types of posts are supported

Dark outline allows to easily see the sign even on a busy background.

odessa navigation plate mosk
The signs are installed at the eye level

op logo
Project developed at the Odessa design workshop

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art director


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