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Task: to create a website capable of impressing with scale.

In order to operate with big numbers in our minds, we unconsciously use the logarithmic representation of number series. We’re ready to bet a million that it’s exactly how you imagine a sequence of numbers.

100 1
101 10
102 100
103 1,000
104 10,000
105 100,000
106 1,000,000
107 10,000,000
108 100,000,000
109 1,000,000,000

By the way, what is a million?

“A million,” someone will say, “is a number that has one zero more than one hundred thousand and one zero less than ten million.”

And why not? We judge the scale of a number by the number of zeros it has. For example, we feel that 100 is different from 1,000 in the same way as 10,000 is different from 100,000: by one zero. But these are completely different zeros.

The logarithmic scale is convenient, it keeps us from going crazy trying to imagine the real scale of numbers like a million or a billion. Yet, it distorts the real picture!

What do 2020 years really look like? What is a million? How to feel the magnitude of 10 million? How to imagine the real difference between 10 million and 100 million?

Razmerus is a website that allows to experience the scale of colossal numbers.

But that’s not all. Razmerus has two more modes: Dimensions and Distances.

razmerus sun earth3

What does the Moon look like compared to the Earth? How much bigger is the Sun than the Earth? How much larger is the black hole at the center of our galaxy than the Earth’s orbit?

The Sun and the Earth on a scale

The Dimensions mode will answer these questions.

razmerus earth

How does the distance between Moscow and Paris compare to their sizes? What about between the Moon and the Earth? Or between the Earth and the Sun? Between galaxies?

razmerus moon

The Distance mode is there to help you.

The cherry on top is that you can enter your own values and share links with your friends or audience. A great feature for popular science publications!

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